ESG Report of the Enea Capital Group for 2023

Climate policy

Adopted in 2023 ENEA Group Climate Policy indicates the most important goals for reducing global warming and adapting to ongoing climate change.


Development of RES

In 2023, we generated 15 percent more of renewable energy compared with 2022, and investments in RES only in Enea Nowa Energia exceeded PLN 90 million. In the entire Enea Group, including acquisitions, it was PLN 370 million.


New technologies and smart cities

We are engaged in the development of new technologies that will determine the future of the electric power market.


Photovoltaic farms

Generation assets of the Enea Group have been expanded by already functioning photovoltaic farms PV Genowefa (Wielkopolskie Voivodship) with a capacity of 35 MW and smaller installations: PV Tarnów with a capacity of 10 MW (Dolnośląskie Voivodship) and PV Tykocin with a capacity of 2 MW (Podlaskie Voivodship). Photovoltaic farm Jastrowie II is about to be completed.



In line with the ENEA Group Development Strategy until 2030 with an outlook to 2040, we develop energy generation from renewable sources. Our actual RES portfolio includes photovoltaic farms, onshore and biogas plants.

2 284
Renewable energy produced in 2023.


We realise that the distribution network must be invested in on account of the fast growth of the number of distributed generation installations, requirements to support the development of local energy markets and the emerging energy communities – clusters and energy cooperatives.

PLN bln
Distribution network investments in 2023.


In the initial phase of the road to climate neutrality – due to national energy security issues – we intend to use gas as a low-carbon transition fuel. Developing RES will be stabilized by low-carbon conventional sources.


Total greenhouse gas emissions intensity from generating units in 2023.


In line with the Paris Agreement and EU climate plans, we intend to become climate neutral by 2050.


Expected CO2 emissions

Date for reaching climate neutrality


We are a large employer and one of Poland’s largest taxpayers with a significant contribution to local budgets. We develop regional infrastructure and technological innovation and we support the education of future staff.

PLN mln
Social investment (donations) in 2023

ESG in the business model

LW Bogdanka - an environmentally conscious mine

We focus on closed circulation, help protect the rare and endangered animal species of the Lublin region, and analyze each investment for its potential impact on protected areas.

Develop our own RES projects

Development of Enea’s own 525 MW projects, with 410 MW by special-purpose vehicles carrying out their own greenfield projects and the rest by Enea Nowa Energia; most of them have the perspective of energyization in the years 2025-2030.

Group's stake in offshore wind power plant Baltica

We seek to transform distribution network into a Smart Grid

This is particularly important considering that the distribution system must be adapted to the dynamically growing share of distributed sources.

1 731
Number of RES sources connected in 2023.

Our Customers expect quality and security

The Enea Group is an important link in the national energy security system. We ensure continuity of electricity and heat supply and reliability of the distribution grid.

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)

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